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agora is the search engine for e-commerce products

we index product from stores built on Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix and Squarespace

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Large teams with unlimited users.
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frequently asked questions

for more information, visit our docs & guides
are my products already on agora?
agora has built technology to index products from millions of stores built with Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and Wix. if your store is built on one of these platforms, your products will most likely already be on agora. in the future, we plan on indexing products from other e-commerce platforms as well. create a merchant account to track product analytics and optimize your products. if you notice any of your products are missing, you can re-upload your products as well.
how is agora different than other marketplaces?
agora is an e-commerce search engine that helps merchants sell more. our business model is simple. unlike other marketplaces, we don't charge you a percentage of sales. with us, you sell on any platform you want and we bring you more revenue. if you want to verify your products, you can upgrade to a subscription plan.
how is agora different from google advertising?
when you promote your products on Google, you are competing against non-products as well. for example, if you search for "red shoes" on Google, you will see a combination of results, spanning from large retailers to links for a movie produced in 1948 called "Red Shoes" and anything in between. thus, a merchant that sells red shoes is unable to compete for the attention of a customer looking to buy that specific product. this is where agora steps in to democratize the playing field. as a search engine exclusively focused on e-commerce products, we are able to match high-intent search queries from users with specialized merchants like yourself. this means you will obtain high-quality traffic, clicks and impressions and, therefore, a tangible opportunity to boost your sales.
what are verified products on agora?
verified products appear in the top 2 rows of relevant search results with a 'verified' tag on them. you can verify a different number of products depending on your subscription plan.
how does pricing work?
merchants who create an account are automatically enrolled in our 'basic' free plan. to verify products, merchants can upgrade their account to a starter, pro or premium subscription plan. after you subscribe, you can 'boost' products with pay-per-click advertising.
how can i pay?
merchants can securely pay with credit or debit card on the merchant dashboard. additionally, merchants can download invoices and track payments on the settings page.
where are the agora users based?
agora is a US based company with merchants and users primarily located in the US, Canada and Europe.
what are boosted products on agora?
we call pay-per-click ads on agora "boosted" products. boosting a product places the product in high conversion locations on the website including on the 'most popular products' page and on the first spot of relevant search queries (i.e. before verified and normal products) with a "hot" tag on them. The cost-per-click depends on your subscription plan.

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