how to sell on WooCommerce: strategies to boost your online sales
learn how to get your first shop sales or scale your online brand on WooCommerce

in the dynamic world of e-commerce, standing out from the crowd and capturing attention is crucial. WooCommerce, the powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress, provides the perfect platform to build and manage your online store. yet, to thrive in this competitive landscape, you need actionable strategies that attract customers and drive sales. this guide unveils pro tips to help you land your first WooCommerce sale, scale your existing brand, and dominate the e-commerce game.

1. uncover your value proposition


the key to success lies in understanding what sets your brand and products apart. what makes you different? why should customers choose you over countless competitors? conduct surveys, analyze customer feedback, and identify your core USP. weave this value proposition into every aspect of your online presence, from website messaging to social media campaigns.

2. embrace search engine optimization (SEO)


optimize your website content and product descriptions for search engines. research relevant keywords, target those with lower competition, and ensure they align with user search queries. regularly update your content with blog posts, new product descriptions, and promotional offers to maintain search engine visibility and build credibility with Google.

pro tip: leverage one of the many SEO tools available like Semrush, Moz or Ahrefs and sign up to Google Search Console to keep track of your progress.

3. leverage shopping specific, fast-growing marketing platforms


don't just rely on traditional channels. WooCommerce opens doors to exciting new platforms like Agora, a dedicated search engine for e-commerce products. by joining Agora's vast user base, you connect with potential customers actively searching for products like yours across the globe. consider other fast-growing marketplaces like, especially if your target audience resides in the UK.

4. try search and social advertising channels


platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads offer unparalleled reach and targeting capabilities. Craft compelling ads and visuals to connect with ideal customers browsing their feeds or searching for specific products online. however, remember: social advertising can be competitive and requires dedication to learn optimization strategies. partnering with a marketing agency might be advisable if you're starting fresh.

5. run abandoned cart email campaigns


around 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts. don't let those sales slip away! Implement abandoned cart email campaigns. send personalized emails reminding them of their purchases, offering incentives, or highlighting specific products. time-limited discounts can be especially effective!

Pro tip: offer time limited discounts to these potential customers to improve your conversion rate.

6. harness the power of customer reviews


social proof is king in online shopping. encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on your website, product pages, and social media. these authentic testimonials build trust and credibility, influencing the buying decisions of potential customers.

7. implement upsells and cross-sells


upselling encourages customers to upgrade to a premium product, while cross-selling prompts them to add complementary items. strategically placed upsells and cross-sells can increase average order value without compromising customer experience.

8. offer free shipping and premium payment options


free shipping is a major buying incentive. consider offering free shipping above a certain order value to balance cost and customer satisfaction. additionally, cater to a wider audience by offering alternative payment options like PayPal and Apple Pay. WooCommerce makes it easy to integrate various payment gateways.

9. prioritize customer service

word of mouth

treat your customers like royalty. respond promptly to inquiries, address concerns efficiently, and go the extra mile to resolve issues. remember, positive customer experiences lead to repeat purchases, positive reviews, and brand loyalty, translating to more sales.

10. reward customer loyalty


implement a customer loyalty program to incentivize repeat business. offer points or rewards for purchases, exclusive discounts, or early access to new products. these programs foster customer engagement and create brand advocates, who promote your business organically. pro tip: consider a referral program to attract new customers through existing ones.

pro tip: your customers are your best sales strategy, a referral programme can go a long way, mainly when kickstarting your online store.

boosting your WooCommerce sales requires a multi-pronged approach. by optimizing your website, leveraging innovative marketing channels, enhancing customer experience, and implementing loyalty programs, you can attract new customers, drive sales, and establish a thriving e-commerce business. remember, consistency, experimentation, and adaptation are key to success in the ever-evolving world of online commerce. so, start implementing these strategies, join Agora and become a WooCommerce powerhouse!